Friday, 15 June 2018

Brunner Guildhall - animated 3d model

Ecosal-UK have created an animated 3d model for the Brunner Guildhall project to enable the team engaged in producing a Viability Study to understand the spaces within the building.
The building was created for friendly societies and trade unions, which included salt workers and other local workers associated to rock salt mining, white salt production and transportation of salt to have access to a modern meeting space within the town.

This first stage in the Brunner Guildhall restoration project is funded by The Architectural Heritage Fund and grants provided by Cheshire West and Chester councillors for Winsford.
Members of the team report through the Town Clerk, Mark Bailey to the Winsford Town Council Brunner Guildhall Management Committee. 
Team members are :
Andrew Fielding of A&A Fielding Ltd and Ecosal-UK
Tony Barton, Donald Insall Associates, architects
Christine Chadwick, social engagement and business planning
Viv Tyler, governance advice
John Malam, local history and education

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