Sunday, 16 July 2017

HLF Bid Failed

Sadly our bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund was unsuccessful.

We have requested a better feed back than the refusal letter, as it seemed that our bid did not satisfy any of the criteria required for the particular type of grant award we were requesting.
It seems that what we want to wont meet the criteria for Your Heritage, Resilient Heritage or Sharing Knowledge - doesn't pay for translations and that digital publications are not a high priority.

We have as yet not been given feedback that the case officer ever downloaded and read the digital reports we posted in a shared dropbox folder, or that any of the committee ever had the opportunity to read it either.

We thought that the digital formats (i-book, epub, pdf and html5) explained well how the approach we proposed was cutting edge and inline with how information exchange and organisations would use digital technology in the future. It was also able to show how the guidance provided by the HLF for the use of digital technology in Heritage Lottery projects was outdated - having been written in 2012. Things have moved on a lot since then in the digital world!

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