Saturday, 25 March 2017

Two New Grant Applications

We have two new grant applications in play.

The first is an application to the HLF NW in partnership with the Council for British Archaeology to help develop the Salt Network. This would use the North West of England as a case study. It would also help to feed information into the updating of the North West Region's Archaeological Framework.
The principal focus is to bring together a diverse collection of sites, individuals and organisations with an interest in the history of salt making and its cultural associations.
The project would enable all collaborators to work together to create an interactive e-book which would not only help with future research by creating trusted sources but would help create a tourism trail based on our salt heritage which Ecosal-UK would manage and maintain.
A possible starting point for a UK Salt Network and Salt Route was proposed during the Ecosal-Atlantis project in 2011. See the Pages section - Ecosal-Atlantis - UK Salt Sites.

The second is a bid to the Arts and Humanities Research Council being prepared by Ecosal UK in partnership with the Centre for Applied Archaeology at the University of Salford. This would be for a three year research project to create a national time-line for the history of salt making, to go back to all archive sources and to collate all the existing survey data, regional frameworks and coastal zone surveys with reference to salt making from AD 1500. The project would hold four workshops and create innovate 3d graphical reconstructions of all the different salt making sites and the processes and techniques used at them.

We have our fingers crossed.

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