Sunday, 7 September 2014

Talk at AIA Conference Sept 2014

Andrew Fielding gave three talks to the Association for Industrial Archaeologists; 2014 Conference.
The first was a general introduction on salt. The second  was a presentation on the unique timber framed buildings of Northwich designed to withstand subsidence caused by brine pumping and rocksalt mining. The third covered the formation of ECOSAL-UK as a legacy of the Ecosal-Atlantis project and as part of the Traditional Salt Route of the Atlantic.
Andrew was also able to display a draft copy of the book he has produced with Annelise Fielding about the set of photographs taken of Northwich in 1891-2 at the passing of teh 1891 Brine Compensation for Subsidence act of 1891. It will be available from A&A Fielding Ltd or directly from the on-demand publisher Blurb in October.

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